Wednesday, August 5, 2015

If I were a Fairy

If I were a fairy
I would have pretty wings
I would fly
I would fly through;
the woods, the sky, the clouds, and everything.
I would see the world.
If I were a fairy.

I will stay in trees,
in caves,in mountains,
in fields, in valleys,
in the ponds, river beds and the sea shores.
I will see the most beautiful places of the world.
I don't have to pay for anything
But I will have everything I want.
If I were a fairy.

I need not go to School
I need not study
I need not know ABCD
I need not know 1234
I need not write Exams
I need not pay the fees
I need not buy Uniforms, Shoes, books and Tie 
I do not need a Car
I do not need a house
I do not need to cut the trees
to make the roads, bridges, buildings
If I were a fairy

I need not have guns, bombs, terrorists or wars
to kill innocent people
I don't need to protect 
the world, the country, the state, the city and its people.
If I were a fairy.

I need not visit temple
I need not visit church
I need not visit mosque
If I were a fairy
If I were a fairy

How beautiful my world would be without;
Electricity, Mobile, Television, 
Computer and Internet.
Without roads, buildings, factories, bridges,
cities, countries and boundaries.
The world would be mine
The world would be mine
If I were a fairy.

I would have a lot of friends,
with loads of love,
tons of laugh,
and gallons of happiness
If I were a fairy.
If I were a fairy.

- by Sia


  1. It's a very beautiful composition. Keep it up!

  2. Sia you Surprised me with your beautiful Poem... I love it.. I appreciate ur talent.. Looking forward for more of these... Keep it up...

    1. Thanks a lot... for appreciating my poem.

  3. You talent is astonishing me every time Sia baby!!! All the very best 👍🏻

  4. Sia, keep it up girl:) I loved ur poem by day u r getting very creative ..keep writing and all the best :)